I find it peaceful sometimes, to go to the mosque and just think. There’s this peaceful nature there that can’t compare to anything else in life. There, my mind is rests. Even at home Home my mind is a mess. But here, in this sacred building, I can sit with ease and let comfort flow through my body. Its a feeling that I miss afterwards, or on the most difficult days. No matter what you believe in, we all have those places where we can escape and think.

Things to be Proud Of

All my life, I feel as if there’s stuff I can’t be proud of. I always find criticism in my work and keep on working, which isn’t the worst thing ever. But I haven’t genuinely been proud of something, even the book I’ve written. If I took an extra week, I would’ve changed so many things, but it’s okay. I have to remember that I have a book, I reached a goal that I thought I’d never hit. I shoot more film and pictures and I initially struggled to get into it. It’s the little things that I have to start focusing on to create a more positive outlook on life, and I’ll do my best for it.