This postseason season, NFL updated overtime rules.

For the 2022 postseason, the NFL will implement new overtime regulations that have been fine-tuned throughout the previous several seasons.

In that game, which the Bills lost 42–36, quarterback Josh Allen and Buffalo never had an opportunity to have the ball, even though the fourth quarter was a flurry of activity, with 25 points scored.

The rule change was approved in the 2022 annual meetings in Palm Beach, Florida. It was a revised version of the proposal put up by the Philadelphia Eagles

Get every piece of important sports news every day, from NFL plays to college sports scores. There was no effect on regular season overtime.


In the NFL playoffs, how exactly does overtime work? Both teams will have an equal opportunity to take possession of the ball, and games cannot finish in a tie—two major changes.

Following regulation, there will be a three-minute break. Following that, the visiting team captain will make the call for the mid-field coin toss, just as they do at game starts.

 Deferring the choice, defending a certain goal post, receiving or kicking the ball are all options available to the victorious team. If the side that gets the ball first scores a touchdown on their first drive.

In Response to the First-Week NFL Record Predictions Tier List After one overtime, what happens if the score is still tied? The game will go into a second overtime period.

There will be a two-minute break in the middle of each overtime, but the second overtime will not conclude with a halftime.

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