The Top 9 Most Anxious Dog Breeds

Chihuahua:  Chihuahuas may be petite, but their anxiety is larger than life. Their tiny frames house anxious hearts, making a calm and secure environment crucial for their well-being.

Bichon Frise:  Bichon Frises, with their fluffy coats and charming demeanor, harbor a cloud of anxiety. Sensitive to changes, they thrive in stable environments where routine is the order of the day.

Shetland Sheepdog:  Shelties, natural herders, tend to herd not only sheep but also their own worries. Their sensitive nature requires a patient owner who can provide reassurance and a calm atmosphere.

Cocker Spaniel:  Cocker Spaniels may have gentle souls, but their hearts beat with anxiety. These affectionate dogs need a consistent and nurturing environment to keep their anxious tendencies at bay.


Greyhound:  Despite their racing prowess, Greyhounds often have racing minds. Anxiety can manifest due to their sensitive nature, emphasizing the need for a calm and understanding home.

Dachshund:  Dachshunds, with their unique physique, often lack confidence, leading to anxiety. Their owners must provide a supportive environment to help them overcome their insecurities.

Border Collie:  Border Collies, famed for their intelligence, may also overthink, leading to anxiety. Mental stimulation and a balanced routine are vital for these hardworking yet sensitive canines.

Jack Russell Terrier:  Jack Russells, known for their boundless energy, can also be anxious explorers. A mix of mental and physical stimulation, along with consistent training, helps alleviate their worries.

Dalmatian:  Dalmatians, with their distinctive spots, may also sport spots of anxiety. Their sensitive nature requires patient training and a stable environment to prevent anxiety-related behaviors.

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