Taylor Swift's Fans 'Fully on Board' with Travis Kelce After Resurfacing NFL Star's Wholesome Old Tweets

The Kansas City Chiefs star has been tweeting on X (previously Twitter) since Sept. 2009, and it's no secret that prior remarks have gotten public personalities in trouble.

Kelce's earlier social media posts showed Swifties that he's a kind, Chipotle-loving Ohioan who likes squirrels but struggles to spell.

Kelce wrote on X on April 14, 2011, "I handed a squirle bread and it demolished it!!!! I had no idea they ate that bread! Haha #crazy."

Kelce complained about a common issue on May 19, 2011. "I hate it when the #Chipotle line is damn near to the door.... Smh," he said.

A Swift fan account posted Kelce's criticism about the chain restaurant's layout and asked, "Why did this specific tweet make me fully on board of this relationship," adding that Swift "needs to be with someone who knows what this is like."

Kelce's admission of rehabilitation thrilled his faithful fans. April 27, 2011: "Went from class to therapy, now I need some #chipolte and then I'm off to check out my new apt," Kelce wrote.

Kelce may have been alluding to physical therapy in his remark, but the Swifties thought he was perfect for their pop star.

He means physical or sports therapy. One fan stated this connection is different because he's confident as an adult. Fans mocked Kelce's frequent misspelling of Chipotle in his past postings.