Tattoo Artists Spill the Ink on 9 Designs Taking a Backseat

Feathers of Repetition: Feathers once soared as symbols of freedom, but tattoo artists are grounded by their ubiquity. The fad has flown too close to the sun, and artists are now reluctant to bring these avian plumes to life once again.

Unanchored Anchors: Once a steadfast symbol of stability, the anchor has become unmoored from its original meaning. Tattoo artists are navigating away from these overused maritime motifs, seeking fresh waters of creativity for their clients.

Scripted Clichés: Words can be powerful, but generic script tattoos have lost their linguistic allure. Tattoo artists yearn for a break from the predictable passages, refusing to let their artistry be confined to an endless script of overused sentiments.

Infinity Unbound: The infinity symbol, once a timeless representation of boundless love, has become a finite trend. Tattoo artists are cutting ties with this perpetual loop, seeking designs that don't confine their creativity within the limits of a symbol past its prime.


Tribal Echoes: Tribal tattoos, once culturally significant, are now perceived as echoes from the past. Tattoo artists are sidelining these designs in favor of embracing diverse cultural inspirations, recognizing the need for authenticity in an evolving industry.

Feathered Friends Fading: Birds in flight have long graced the world of tattoos, symbolizing freedom and adventure. Yet, artists are grounding these winged wonders as the trend loses its soaring appeal, creating space for more imaginative expressions of flight.

Locks and Keys Unlocked: Once symbolic of unlocking mysteries, the classic lock and key imagery has become a visual cliché. Tattoo artists are turning the key on these repetitive designs, searching for more original ways to represent the unveiling of life's enigmatic paths.

Scripted Infinity: Merging script and infinity symbol might have been a poetic experiment, but it's now seen as a linguistic loop. Tattoo artists are breaking free from this fusion, preferring separate expressions that allow each element to shine independently.

Fading Mandala Magic: Mandalas, once revered for their spiritual symbolism, are experiencing a saturation point. Tattoo artists are dialing down on this intricate geometric trend, exploring new avenues to channel spiritual and artistic energy.

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