Facts About Three King's Day

Three Kings' Day is celebrated by various Christian denominations around the world, not just in the United States

In many Hispanic and Latin American cultures, it is a tradition for children to receive gifts on Three Kings' Day rather than on Christmas

A popular culinary tradition associated with Three Kings' Day is the "Rosca de Reyes" or King's Cake

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Some cultures celebrate the day with a unique tradition of hiding a small figurine representing the baby Jesus within the Rosca de Reyes. The person who finds the figurine in their slice is said to have good luck and is responsible for hosting a gathering on Candlemas Day (Día de la Candelaria) in February.

In certain U.S. cities, particularly those with significant Hispanic populations, there are vibrant parades and events on Three Kings' Day

In some cultures, the Christmas season officially ends on Three Kings' Day, marking the beginning of the Epiphany season

The celebration of Epiphany emphasizes the revelation of Jesus as the Son of God to the Gentiles, represented by the Magi who were not of Jewish descent. It is a crucial moment in the Christian liturgical calendar.

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