Causes and Risk Factors of Childhood Cancer

Unraveling Inherited Factors – Discuss the role of genetic predisposition in childhood cancer. – Explore the impact of inherited gene mutations that may increase the likelihood of certain cancers.

Investigating External Influences – Examine potential environmental factors contributing to childhood cancer. – Highlight exposure to radiation, certain chemicals, pollutants, and other environmental elements as risk factors.

Understanding Genetic Syndromes – Explore the link between certain congenital conditions and an increased risk of childhood cancer. – Discuss well-known genetic syndromes, such as Down syndrome and neurofibromatosis, that are associated with higher cancer risks.

Pregnancy and Birth Influences – Investigate maternal factors during pregnancy that may impact childhood cancer risk. – Discuss potential associations between maternal age, prenatal exposure, and the development of childhood cancers.


Compromised Immune Systems – Explore the connection between immunodeficiency disorders and childhood cancer. – Discuss how compromised immune systems may contribute to an increased susceptibility to certain types of cancers.

Exploring Infectious Links – Discuss the role of specific viral infections in the development of childhood cancers. – Highlight examples such as Epstein-Barr virus and its association with certain lymphomas.

Examining Patterns of Cancer – Investigate the significance of a family history of cancer in childhood cancer risk. – Discuss how a family history of specific cancers may contribute to an increased likelihood of cancer development in children.

Early Life Influences – Examine the potential impact of birth weight and early growth patterns on childhood cancer risk. – Discuss research findings on associations between low birth weight and an elevated risk of certain cancers.

Medical and Environmental Factors – Discuss the impact of radiation exposure on childhood cancer risk. – Differentiate between medical radiation, such as diagnostic imaging, and environmental radiation sources.

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