The problem comes up

when we start to lose our upbringing.

When we start to forget how we believed.

I went down a different path constantly,

hearing what others had to stay and getting lost

within their words.

I was foolish,

almost gullible.

I threw away what i believed in because of

others opinions.

Now i am here,



Still, the only hope i have left

is knowing that the Most Merciful,

Most Forgiving,

and the All Mighty is up there.

Guiding me like its my life plan all along,

waiting to bring me back to Him

when i am stronger

and a better person.


How come the only lies

I hear from you,

are the ones that attempt to make you feel better

about yourself?

Full of slander and hate,

trying so desperately to prove your worth

to strangers around us.

Is your life so terrible

that you need your ego to be raised just a bit?

I lament on when we were good friends,

the time where i was willing to

give my life for you,

But people change.

You changed in a way

where we would no longer be close,

and i changed where your life

wasn’t worth mine.