Shaded Thoughts

Driving back home
Drowning out my sorrow
In a large coffee
Listening to music for the first time in a long time
I’m driving blacked out
Not focusing on what passes and what I’m doing
Just steering where the path takes me
One hand on the wheel
One on my lap
My eyes look like a person that just woke up
Eyelids slowly drooping over
Hood over my frizzled hair
Radio turned to the max
Just to block out my thoughts
Speed limit says 30
But my speedometer says 75
Roads curved dangerously
Running though the woods
Dead trees hang over
Any minute they could fall, I was wishing one actually would
Street corners covered in ice
Houses protruded from the forest at points
Other streets to other houses
Like a big tree branching out
But only one way there, one way out
Cars are whizzing by
No ones in front of me
Or behind
It’s just the lonely road
My coffee
And the loud music banging my drums
But I’m still driving blacked out
Just following the path they’ve made for me