In December 2017, I figured that I would finally publish a book. I had been writing and posting to Instagram relentlessly, and would get messages upon messages to release a poetry book of my work, and finally, I just thought why not.

It’s been a couple months since release, and I’ve found the whole process difficult, but also fun and exciting. Difficult in a sense of getting in touch with local bookstores, and finding ways to drive sales. To make people want to buy my book, instead of expecting people to. Fun and exciting because these are my own words, and my own story. This is my hard work and dedication all in one small book. It was a surreal feeling when I first held Euphoria in my hands, and I’ll never forget how giddy I was.

I hope I keep on writing, and can one day find a way to support myself off writing, because this is what I love to do and know I won’t get tired of it. I want to keep on churning out quality poems and posts, and publish more and more books. Thank you to everyone who’s bought a copy, I appreciate it endlessly.

If you want to purchase Euphoria, please click here. Thank you!