Everyone has a dream, thats no question. Everyone imagines where they will be in 10-15 years down the line, and what they would like to do. Of course, if you’re lucky enough, everything will work out to how you planned it. But for those who are unlucky, you won’t. We all have created this mindset that we can’t be happy unless we do something we truly aspire to do. But lets be honest, this is a money world, not a world run by dreams. Think of it, how many aspiring writers, artists, or photographers have quit because they just can’t make the money they need.

My dream? I want to be a full time poet, author, and blogger. I would be over the moon if my book was selling like hot cakes, to a point where I could only focus and work on my poetry and stories. But life nothing is like that. I have a career being lined up, and if my book does pick up, and more people do start loving my work, then so be it. But if it doesn’t, then I have my backup in teaching. I don’t know if I’ll be writing a year from now, I know that if i get a full time job, that’ll be my main focus, not a blog or poetry that doesn’t generate any income. Sure, it’ll shift to being a  hobby to only when i have free time. I hope though, that I can make this into something i can do for a lifetime, and get good money from it.

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