Paterson is a unique area which holds so much history, it’s crazy. As a historian, I’ve learned a lot about the beginning and how they used it all to industrialize and do the most for Paterson. It was one of the largest industry towns in the United States, and was a bustling city. It was also part of a huge worker strike in 1913. That, and most industries relying on China led to its downfall.

Okay, enough of the history lesson. I took this picture in Paterson when I was out with some friends late at night, and we just had a grand old time. Walking around the streets, it felt crazy to me, thinking of its downfall and what could’ve been if it wasn’t hurt by poverty. Something so great once upon a time, to becoming almost forgotten in time. I see magnificence in the city, and hope it can reach it’s former glory, yet some have let it go, letting nature and human actions take over. // 2/23/18, 35mm


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