My Favorite Place

There are some places that will stay with me, no matter where I go or what I do. This diner is on the border of New Jersey and New York, hence the name Stateline, and I’ve spent many late nights and early mornings there. Rarely alone, and mostly with my closest friends or family. The fact that it’s open 24 hours makes the whole place more enticing. Whether you want fries, a shake, free refill coffee, a pleasant seven layer cake (which is just seven thin layers of chocolate mousse and cake), or breakfast at 12am, they always have it ready to go.

The memories I’ve made here will stick with me for a long time. Deep talks for hours over a 4th cup of coffee, or laughing until my chest hurt, I will remember it all. It’s all the memories I’ve made in this place that make it worth it to come back.


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