Things to be Proud Of

All my life, I feel as if there’s stuff I can’t be proud of. I always find criticism in my work and keep on working, which isn’t the worst thing ever. But I haven’t genuinely been proud of something, even the book I’ve written. If I took an extra week, I would’ve changed so many things, but it’s okay. I have to remember that I have a book, I reached a goal that I thought I’d never hit. I shoot more film and pictures and I initially struggled to get into it. It’s the little things that I have to start focusing on to create a more positive outlook on life, and I’ll do my best for it.

4 thoughts on “Things to be Proud Of

  1. I think you’re feelings are normal writer feelings ☺ When we publish, the work becomes past tense and sometimes that feels too binding. You’re work is always something to be proud of!

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  2. I have been following your words, and I ordered a copy of your book, though it has not reached me yet, but I’m really excited to read it. Your words touch the soul directly and there is a certain comfort in them. Having said that, I’m sure you should have all the reasons to be proud of your work, because as a reader of your words, I can assure you with that.
    Keep writing and spreading bliss!

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