My efforts are belittled, as I am told that my actions are not righteous. My actions are not righteous, as I have struggled with forbidden desires and a lax nature. But I am trying. I want to change the way I care about certain things and situations. I want to strive to become easy going, but not lazy. I want to repent for the sins that I have committed, rather than make excuses for them. The first step of change is through baby steps, whether its a centimeter, inch, or a whole foot. Building under each different movement you make in order to not fall back into old habits. But I feel like my change is unwanted. No one wants to try to see a person who wants to change in a different light. My mistakes and sins make me, but they do not make the person I want to be. It does not give another an excuse to shut me down from my forward progress, when all I want to be is a betterment to society, or even community, There is a change I ache to make in myself, and it would be easier if the people around me would show support rather than dissuade my efforts.


2 thoughts on “Alter

  1. Motivation for doing good has to come from within…it’s more valuable than seeking encouragement from the outside world. Nobody can guarantee you full support but you can, to yourself! Isn’t it?
    If you’re completely focussed on changing a certain thing then, you surely will be able to. Best of luck!

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