The Artist

01930002I saw you on the street, and no lie, i couldn’t help but take a second glance. My body was facing the other way, when I quickly brought my film camera up to snap a picture of you. I’m usually embarrassed when it comes to street photography, my anxiety kicks in and the thought of “what is this fool doing” implants itself in my mind. This probably isn’t even considered good street photography, but hey, I found it interesting.

I can’t remember your face, or if i even saw it. Your age will forever stay in question. What I do remember is the flurry of paintings you were selling in the middle of a packed New York City street. It seems they were your own, as you had a passion for the art you had. Anyone in their right mind would not be canvassing in the middle of the street if it was not their own art. The painting on your denim jacket is mesmerizing, as it catches the attention of whoever passes by. The hair, the eyes, even the fingers commanding you to step forward. What I did not see was the painting in the back. A woman, who stares in question, carrying a seductive vibe to her expression. The monochrome not giving glory to skin.

I shot this on May 20, 2017, and just yesterday got it developed. With the swiftness of my shot, this picture could have been a total blurry mess. This is an artist, who loves and shares his work, and maybe dreams of a career in it. I don’t know, this is really just a thought. An online journal entry if anything.

One thought on “The Artist

  1. some people just pass by things and do not bother to look anything else, they are soo very much drown into themselves hardly have time to think what other person is in. I love your thoughts on this. BEAUTIFUL.. more people like you please.


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