What does it take to be happy? I don’t know, I have never known. I’ve always thought it was genuinely given to a person, as if it was a gift from God. But it is learned. Something that can either take a few minutes, or even forever to learn. As a person who struggles with depression and anxiety, happiness comes in time. A long time, which needs a ton of patience. Sometimes the wait is unbearable, where you don’t know when you’ll finally be happy. You sit there, waiting, and waiting for the day to come. It’s as if you’re going to be freed from jail, but it can either be at any moment, a couple of years, or never. The jail is my mind, as if I’m tied down to my own thoughts and forced to overthink each and every one of them that race by. Happiness is learned. Happiness comes in time. Don’t get me wrong, I get happy. I’m grateful for all those moments where I can smile uncontrollably. But those moments come rarely now. And i wish they didn’t.


2 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. Happiness comes from within… being happy without any reason, is the best form of happiness. If someone associate happiness with people, success, money, or other worldly stuff, they’ll never be happy…. 🙂 Smile like an idiot without any reason….


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