So many things bother me on a daily basis. One thought though, is of an old friend. I don’t understand why the thought of him sticks in my mind. Its like he’s glued there and won’t leave my mind. The truth is, him cutting me off was a blessing. Alhamdulillah, his presence around me caused me to act immature and do rash things. But, he was a friend for a long time, and despite our differences, he became a brother. He cut me off out of no where, for a reason that barely made sense. He wanted to move on past the old town he had grown up in. The only reason he’s filling my mind is because i recently saw him. He wouldn’t be intoxicating my mind like this if he hadn’t tapped me on that subway. I was past him. He was behind me and he ran up and let me know that he was there. My heart sank. It’s dumb, i know, but it did. I always prayed that we could find a way to work it out, no matter what. Brotherhood requires effort to keep, but that effort became too much. Somewhere along the line of our childhood and through our teens, our bond was severed. I like to think that God does things for a reason, and He does. But the test comes to understand and accept those reasonings. Hopefully i can one day understand why people are taken away, and how to grow from these experiences.

P.S. Poetry is now on . I will post poetry here and there on wordpress, but follow me on instagram for brand new poems every day.



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