20 Facts About Me!

Hey guys! So i haven’t really done something like this in the 6 months that I’ve had this blog up, but I guess i want my readers to know what kind of guy i am. Everyones doing the 20 facts as an ice breaker, better late than never haha.

  1. Im 19 years old
  2. My birthday’s May 30th
  3. Im a sophomore in college
  4. I live in NJ
  5. Im a history and education major, aka I wanna be a teacher when i graduate
  6. I have 3 sisters, no brothers 😦
  7. I have a weird cat named Alaska
  8. I’m addicted to tea and coffee
  9. Im Pakistani, but my dads side is mainly from Afghanistan/Russia, which explains why I’m really lightskinned
  10. Im a total doofus sometimes
  11. I can speak English, Urdu, and speak French here and there
  12. I honestly don’t really like reading (maybe sometimes)
  13. Im a huge gaming nerd
  14. Im Muslim, and i wanna teach Islamic studies along with history one day. And I’m so grateful that I can follow this great religion, i honestly don’t know where I would be without it.
  15. I use writing as my escape. I can finish each poem in less than 5 minutes because i just put my thoughts on paper.
  16. I mainly write for myself. Ive struggled with depression since i was a freshman in high school, and i started writing then. I was scared to post in the beginning because I always wanted to please people. But as i got into it, i slowly started to like people reading them.
  17. I love reading feedback and comments on my poems, it really helps me write and prepare for my next posts
  18. Most of my writing has to do with my life (if you couldn’t tell already haha), but I’ve started to branch out and imagine situations where the people have struggled with and write about them.
  19. I hope i can publish a book one day with all my poems, inshallah.
  20. Lastly, I really hope to change someones life with my poems, wether its just one person or a bunch. I know I’ve been through rough times and i want people to know that it gets better in time.

So there we go! I hope i can do this some other time. If any one of my readers wants to comments something about themselves or just topics i should write about, feel free to. I would love getting to know you guys a lot more!

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