My love for you

Strong as a tree

Growing like spring flowers

Immature like children 

Adult like veterans 

Amusing like a roller coaster 

Interesting like a mystery 

Exciting as anticipation 

Marvelous in every way possible 

Someone I couldn’t be without

Everything a man could ask for



The Past

And I have to wonder, why are we tortured by the people and things that once held us back? Even though things are better and people have moved on, why do flashes of past mistakes and faults come to haunt us in the most vulnerable times. When you’re all alone the darkness seems attractive and the mistakes seem bigger and badder. A person thinks the place they are right now would be so much appealing with another person by their side. Even if it has a good reason to have left. Learn from the mistakes, better from them. People come, people go. Everyone’s replaceable…     -F.Y.



Ramadan comes around, just once a year, and for only 30 days. Holiest month for Muslims, where good deeds are increased, and bad ones remain the same. A month of forgiveness, a month of repentance. Where prayers are more likely accepted, and mercy is shown. Trying to get back into the rhythm of reading the Quran, and attempting to finish the holy book. Where we forget about sins, and face the beauty of Islam. Where the devil is locked up, and we find out which dirty habits he’s trapped us in. No voice to persuade us this time, no, just us doing the action. Where sin occurs by the man or woman themselves, something that frightens me the most.        -F.Y.



I felt your touch

As you hung over me

Your eyes speaking 


What was orbiting my mind

Your educated thoughts

Were dearly mistaken

You couldn’t fathom

The things inside my head

Pain and happiness mixed into one

A complicated procedure 

That only people like me

Would understand 




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Band of beads attached to my right wrist

Bracelet of remembrance 

Of knowing who it was given by

Brown with beauty

A memento

Set to inspire me

To know she had filled the vacant void in my mind and my heart  

Even when she was far away from me

And times were difficult 

Difficult for both of us

Knowing that this was the only connection we held

But it was enough to get me through 

Each day

Knowing she was in the same situation 

Facing conflicts 

With me helping her 

Right by her side 


Moving On

Letting go of situations 

Situations that you couldn’t control 

Out of your reach

The only thing you can do is watch

Watch how it unravels 

Watch how it begins

And how it all ends

Toughest thing a person can do.

I question why things end up the way they have 

Sometimes I believe they were for the worse

Rarely I am grateful for where I am

Frustration when I know I can’t do anything about it

It all ends in time 

The feelings go away

Promising to be back another day

And in the end

I can only blame myself