Silent LanguageĀ 

We rested in the vast field 
A slight breeze blowing over the clumped, green grass 
We lay on the ground 
The cloth underneath us
Bumpy, like goosebumps rising on skin 
A basket in between us as we’re spread 
With intentions of giving 
But we still lay there in silence 
Keeping each other as our distraction
The rustling long grass our only music 
The suns not shining
But it is still smiling 
Not a word is spoken
Our eyes are speaking for us 
I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else 
It was just her and I
In the peace of our language 



There’s something so evil
About toying with other people’s emotions 
It has happened to me more than once 
And I vowed
I vowed I would never do it to another 
But there comes a time when
A person is just so messed up
From their experiences 
And just doesn’t know what they’re doing anymore 
Everything feels so fake 
Even when the most perfect girl comes around 
It feels like a dream 
But I’m stuck in reality 
With sadness and sorrow 
I don’t know what I’m doing 

Run Away

I’ve said I wanted to run away
Run away from all my problems
Run away from the things I didn’t like
Start somewhere new
And go on from there
But what would that solve?
I’d just get used to 
Running and
Running and
Never resting in place 
Just constantly running my problems away
And adopting new ones

New Beginning

2 months
It’s been 2 months 
I thought I was trapped in darkness
No way out
Just a small, hollow box
Where I’d spend the rest of my life 
In darkness
But at moments
Where you have nothing 
Except for a heartfelt prayer
That’s when the light starts shining
And the box slowly starts to open
To give you a new beginning