The Past

The past has haunted me
The past has made me regret
The past has kept me up at night 
The past has ruined my days 
The past had made me depressed
The past made me self conscious 
The past mades me rethink 
The past became my teacher 
The past became my motivation 
And even though I can’t change the past
The past changed me for the better


The Night 

The night had finally taken over 
No lights shined 
No stars glistened 
The wind howling every other minute 
And the music of wind chimes filling my ears 
An odd night indeed 
Does this night signify peace
And relaxation
Or does this darkness foreshadow
Heartache and misfortune


You told me you wanted to get better
And I reluctantly agreed 
Not getting ahead of myself this time
But craving religion for you 
My desire to teach you everything I knew 
I wanted the best for you
You proclaimed your needs
Mentioning your past
And my heart ached for you
I was so delighted to fill your depressions  
But you had more on your mind than I thought you did 
And I didn’t see what had blindsided me


There’s something wrong with me
And I don’t know why
When something new is handed to me 
Perfect in any way 
Beautiful to the eyes and soul
Id drop it without hesitation 
If it meant I could keep the broken one




A part of me left
When you gave up 
Said you wanted nothing to do with this
That you were done trying 
Left me in a maze with no direction 
And I thought that missing part would end me
How incomplete I felt 
But I’ve been feeling different lately 
I’ve been content these last few days 
And I’m somewhat grateful
That you took some of my sadness with you

Daylight Savings 

I remember the first time I heard your voice
We ended up talking all night long
I even got in an extra hour
It was completely worth it too
Why bother sleeping 
I was hearing a voice that made me weak
A calm, soothing sound 
Answering back on the other end 
God I miss your words
Now we’re losing an hour
And I don’t hear your voice anymore