Race Day

Pacing around
Too anxious to think straight
Sitting down
The bench creaks with every movement
Same bench since sophomore year
Standing right back up
Sand falling into my shoes with every step
Time passes by fast
Sweats building up on my forehead
Blanks being fired time after time signaling for racing to begin
Seeing hundreds of kids running
Getting a good position
Next race calls go out
Cloths ripped off
Columbia blue uniforms displayed
A nervous walk over to the starting line
Blue race-day socks pulled up
Yellow race flats double knotted
Long strides to loosen up
Anxiety filled hopping to calm down
Coach calls us over
Trying to make us believe we were better
Than the 20 other teams lined up
Motivation speeches called out
Racers lined up
Adrenaline pumping through my veins
Officials call out the signals
Everything’s quiet
For just one moment
For this was race day

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