Beautiful Muse

Let me stare into your eyes 
As the sun sets
Remind me 
You’re my favorite thing to look at 
Shine that beautiful smile that I ache for 
The one that I can never stop thinking about
Make me realize 
That you’re the most breathtaking creation on Earth
You’re on my mind every minute of every day
My thoughts revolve around you
And I can’t ever see you fading

Consistent Demons 

The demons have been coming back
Slowly breaking my aged wall
Starting at the first light 
And leaving when dusk settles in 
Giving me some time to harden the broken masterpiece
As I struggle to keep it up
I see my once jubilant memories fleeing 
One by one the blocks will start to fall
Should I let go of the wall
They would all storm in
And this would end quicker
Should I support the ill-fated wall
I would keep this happiness 
This temporary happiness
For just a little longer 

Immutable Thoughts 

Let me think about the reasons
But I can’t come up with one
Why you’re still resting in my mind
When I’m praying at night
You happen to find your way into my words
Every. Night.
It’s constant
Sometimes painful
That I’m on your mind once a week
Maybe twice if you’re sad or lonely
But at 2:00 in the morning
When I can’t sleep
You’re all I think about
It’s a repeated cycle that I can’t ignore
I’m writing a one sided story


All I’m doing is letting you back in
Over and over
Giving you extra chances
I haven’t been giving anyone else
You’re the only exception
And I dont know why

Freedom of Oppression

They’re quick to call it oppression
Not thinking that it was a choice
Rather force
They cement by her side
Even when she pleads that she feels free
That she feels happy and amazing
They speak as her voice
Saying that equal rights don’t exist
Yet she knows being a woman is far more greater
How much they actually matter to the misunderstood religion
As they are pictured to be chained down
Our women stay silent
Knowing that they are internally free
For this isn’t oppression
It’s expression


Fixed Image

What could I possibly say with another chance
What would I want to say
What would you let me say
What words would change your mind
How would you think
What’s running through your mind
As I spill a monologue
About my mistakes
How I can make things better
Your arms crossed tightly
A stern face of disapproval
I can tell
My words meant nothing
I couldn’t get through to you
I pray to god I will one day
But I hope there’s something better planned



“I’ve made mistakes I can never change
Mistakes that ruined me for a long time
Sad and loneliness bothered me
Regrets filling my mind
But things started to change
Slowly and slowly
I learned to accept them
Just a positive mind went a long way
And I’m getting better and stronger everyday”