Vigorous Trials

I saw the competition I was going up against
They were jumping like kangaroos
High and proud
I was standing at a measly 5’10”
The shortest, youngest player there
Ready, hearing the count of the opponents
The opening pull had commenced
The disc slowly drifted towards us
Falling sharply to the left
The handler snatched it
I met his eyes as I cut downfield
Wide open
Ready for my glory
He launched the disc towards me
Beautifully flowing in the air
I can almost see myself seize it
Then the object curved in the wind
I had to turn directions if I wanted it
My right knee buckled under the stress of my jerk
My other foot slipped on hard ice
Suddenly blindsided by the immense body of a semi pro
I slide across the turf
Burning my body with every black granule
Pain fills me as I’m slow to get up
“All over again…”
I think to myself


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