I jolt up
It’s 6:00 in the morning
Did I have a nightmare?
I can’t recall my delusion
I end up sitting in bed for 10 minutes
Deciding between getting up or going back to sleep
6:10 am
I stumble to the bathroom
Too dazed to think
Too asleep to open my eyes
I put water on my face and my whole body
Performing wudhu
My eyes wide open, I set the prayer rug down
6:15 am
I start my obligation
Fighting my dreams from disturbing my peace
Going fast, then slowing down
Thinking through my words carefully as I say them
Feeling content with myself
I greet the Angels on my shoulders as I finish
Grabbing the Quran with my right
Opening the holy book
Struggling with getting though some pages
Reading words carefully, trying to understand the meaning
Trying to make myself better with every word
I slowly close the book
I finally feel at peace

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