Daily Memo

He had to remind me everyday
This world is a cruel, cruel place
Being nice to everyone wasn’t a factor
They would use a guy like me
Seeing me weak
Too “easy”
A man they could walk all over
But I never understood
I loved being nice
It sucked being stingy
But I never grasped that some could be evil
Not until it was too late
And I was left mad or upset
Being pushed around or used
Day in and day out
I saw my mistakes
But I never bothered fixing them
The ended up coming back and I thought they had gotten better
But they were just wearing another mask
Only showing their real face when they were done with me
But the good still shined in them
Just to me, at least
I was still there for them, no matter what
And I realized
Most of the time, people don’t change
They just find temporary traits


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