Constant Disturbances

Lounged on the lonely couch
It’s 1 am
TV was playing on silent
Computer showed unfinished school work
My hair was in a messy, incomplete bun
Beard was shagged
Arizona just sat on the side
Waiting to be swigged
Legs were laid up in the table
Plaid blue pajamas hung down
A dark, gloomy v-neck covered my existence
Class started at 9:30 am, sharp
But sleep wasn’t on the schedule for tonight
I just sat there, imagining up a disturbance
What if
What if zombies over ran the world
Slow ones, never fast
What if there was no moon
College wasn’t so expensive
Lifetime supply of Arizona
Getting abs without even working out
But I was getting tired of imagining
For made up scenarios were constantly on my mind
The TV was shut
Legs lowered
Arizona chugged
For my bed was calling me
Wanting me to dream up another storm

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