Cold Coffee

The coffee just sat there
Getting colder and colder
I couldn’t bear to take a sip
Not without images coming in place of her
My calls were going missed
Two to be exact
I was just sitting, pondering there
Distracting myself by wondering how the storybook couple in the corner had met
They were laughing
Eating some some donuts
Drinking coffee
They met at an underground concert in the city
Bumped into each other
And spent the rest of the night together
They were jogging in the park
Bumping into each other as they weren’t looking
And they went on from there
I made up a story for them
But I just sat there
Looking lonely
With a hot coffee in front of me
Getting colder by the second
I was just waiting there
Feelings of rejection came over me
I briefly got up, took a hold of my coffee, and made my way out
There was no place for me to be sitting there
I made my way to the car, hoping
Just hoping
Her car would pull up and Id have to go right back in
I got into the car as the hot rain trickled down onto me
I got into the car, I was mad at myself
I didn’t know how to else to feel
I was disappointed
I fell for one of her tricks
I felt played
I’m so stupid
The feelings were hitting me hard
Then a call came
Pick it up or not to pick it up
I impulsively slid the answer button
Making excuses to why she wasn’t there
I wanted to say what was on my mind, I really did
But I just told her it was ok

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