Most “Violent”

“The most violent religion in the world”
As the media outlets say
Killing, shooting up places
Doing it in the name of religion
Organization after organization
Have to condemn the acts
Of these foolish people
Or they are molded in with the wrong
You don’t see how hundreds of children are dying
Starving to death
Freezing until their heart stops
All you see is debates between misguided anchors and humiliated guests
Debating until they are dehumanized
Shut down
“Proven” wrong
Spreading hateful words against its people
They don’t cover the hate crimes
The vandalism
The innocents being wrongly killed
Only spreading lies that people believe
Islam means peace
Nothing speaks to hurt people or go against
Just live contently and go about our own business
If this is the definition of violence
I’m not sure where others will fall

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