Fictitious Reflection

Walking around the dark, star lit park
A cool breeze flows over us
No noise all around
Lamps lit, it looks like daylight out
Just in our own little world
We stop next to a big tree
Leaves colored with the turning of Fall
I gently touch her arms as they sit in her fancy coat
We turn and look at each other
The dark, eerie water calmly moves behind her
Im staring right into her eyes
I wanted to believe that she was the one
That we would be together for a long time
Always getting ahead of myself at the worst moments
But I could see right past her fake laugh and smile
Seeing that she was still in love
She was stuck in the past
Thinking about all the memories that she held of him
Only to know that he wasn’t there anymore
He broke her ever so dearly
But she was still longing for his touch
Not mine
I wasn’t the one that was for her
I was a person she wouldn’t see herself with
She already made her mind
Her laugh was shallow and her eyes cried of sorrow
She wouldn’t try to keep this going
I could see it
For she was talking with me, but thinking of him


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